Richard Branson's advice to Elon Musk (via https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/09/richard-branson-gives-elon-musk-some-advice-learn-to-delegate-and-get-some-sleep.html ):

Branson said he had sat down and "talked about it" with Musk, alluding to the fact he might have imparted some paternal advice for the younger entrepreneur. He repeated that learning the art of delegation better would overcome "his one flaw."

"Don't feel you have to put out tweets about public shareholders, leave the public game to people who enjoy that. He obviously doesn't enjoy it, so (he should) clear the decks and concentrate on the creative side," Branson said.


Here's another quote from the article:

"I think he maybe needs to learn the art of delegation," Branson said, speaking at the Barclays Asia Forum in Singapore Tuesday.

"He's got to find time for himself, he's got to find time for his health and for his family. He's a wonderfully creative person but he shouldn't be getting very little sleep. He should find a fantastic team of people around him."